CleanWave Restaurant

Nestled along Highway 105 in Wagmatcook First Nation, the CleanWave Restaurant is connected to the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre and provides quality food services both for eat in and take out orders since 2000. Just recently in the Spring of 2013 the restaurant underwent an expansion that saw the location move to the front left area of the Wagmatcook Centre and provide an upper class style restaurant with a local flair and extended seating capacity up to 88 people.

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The CleanWave Restaurant provides a full menu to its clients through a very simple and quiet eat in atmosphere as well as take out services for guests that wish to order ahead and go. The restaurant has a seating capability of 50 people (soon to grow to a seating capacity of 96 people and also has the capability of expanding its services to include the rental of small and large rooms within the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre ranging in size from small groups of 8-12 people and larger groups of over 250+.

CleanWave Restaurant
Serving fresh seafood daily


Catering services are one of the main sources of revenue for the CleanWave Restaurant as it provides for all of the meals, tea/coffee, snacks and other refreshments that the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre requires on a daily basis. These groups vary in sizes and order either directly from the menu or choose between the multitude of group packages that are made available to them.


The restaurant currently has on staff a total of three (3) full time cooks, six (6) waitresses, two (2) dishwashers and two (2) cooker’s helpers. They work together to continually provide the delivery of these food services to the clients both on a walk in basis as well as the groups that have booked through the WCHC.


The Cleanwave Restaurant currently operates Monday – Friday from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Other catering events that are planned beyond these hours are possible depending on the booking requirements for each group. Larger events that are planned on weeknights and weekends are open to extended service requirements but include additional fees as per request.