Wagmatcook Community Cable Television (WCCTV) Network was developed as an initiative to enhance the communications and promotion of the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre in 2006 and has since proved to be a significant communications tool for the community.  Focusing on the delivery of a twenty four hour “text based” advertisement and community bulletin type scrolling program operated through a Microsoft Power Point system, the information covers a wide variety of content for its viewers.

Wagmatcook Community Cable Television

Currently the viewing audience for the WCCTV Network covers approximately 1200 homes that range in distance between locally within the Wagmatcook First Nation and onwards on Hwy 105 to Baddeck and the communities in between and touching towards Middle River.

The majority of the content that is viewed on the WCCTV Network is advertisements for local events, cable television updates and ads, local bingo, WCCTV Bingo, local businesses ads, community volunteer initiatives and birthday/anniversary ads.

WCCTV Network originally targeted the development of local video content through the recording of local elders, artists, events and projects focused on capturing the Mi’kmaw culture, heritage and language in a way that would help preserve it for its current and future community members.  The WCCTV Network and the Management of the WCHC is looking towards establishing this as one of it’s main projects in the very near future.


Typically, the WCCTV Network offers rates in three levels to our customer base which cover personal, community based and business advertisements/announcements and are pro-rated as follows:

Daily:           $   5.00 per day
3 Days:        $ 10.00 per 3 days
Weekly:        $ 20.00 per week
Monthly:      $ 40.00 per month

Our guidelines for content ensure that we always keep the information clean and respectful for all of our viewers.  We also operate a TV Bingo for the local area with two bingo’s held each week on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s at 7:00pm on the local cable television system on Ch.12 WCCTV Network.

TV Bingo cards are sold at four local locations, two of which are in Baddeck (Needs & Stone’s Drug Store) with the other two locations in Wagmatcook at the GasBar and Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre (main entrance location).  TV Bingo cards are sold up until 6:00pm in Baddeck and 6:30pm in Wagmatcook, so please purchase your cards ahead of time.  Enjoy your games and best of luck!