Darren Julian | 2010

With a population base of close to seven hundred (700) people living in the small village of Wagmatcook First Nation, the community straddles the Bras D'or Lakes and is one of five (5) Mi'kmaw First Nation communities of Unama'ki (Cape Breton Island, N.S.). Newly elected in the summer of 2010 is Chief Norman Bernard and he currently has a six (6) person Council that work together to address the needs of the community. There is approximately 210 full and part time staff in the community throughout the calendar year (including summer students) that work together for the benefit of the community.

The majority of the population that is over thirty (30) years of age still speak the Mi'kmaw language fluently but with the younger population it is proving to be tougher and tougher to hold onto. The Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre plays a pivotal role, along with the Wagmatcook School, as well as the parents of these youth to maintain the importance of the language and history of the Mi'kmaw people.

The average household income in Wagmatcook is approximately $25,000 and the average age is 24. There are approximately 160 households in the community with over half of the population under the age of twenty-five (25). The community itself was one of the very first Aboriginal communities in Nova Scotia to sign their own education agreement in the early 1990's, giving it sole responsibility to deliver programs and services to the community. It is located on Hwy 105 East approximately 15 km outside of the village of Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

The Wagmatcook Chief & Council are very supportive of the future growth and opportunities found in the socio-economic sectors that contribute to the overall benefits of community members.

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