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Darren Julien | 2010
Darren Julien | 2010

The Wagmatcook First Nation is governed by an elected Chief & Council that represents the everyday requirements of the close to 700 people that currently reside in the community.

The Chief & Council have regularly scheduled Council meetings every two weeks and discuss items that range from housing needs, by-law requirements to educational and economic development initiatives and support mechanisms that help to provide long term sustainable opportunities for the people.

The following are the current elected members of Chief & Council

Chief: Norman Bernard (re-elected to his 2nd term in 2012)

Council Members:

  1. Tommy Peck
  2. Angela Pierro
  3. Francis Pierro
  4. Kim Denny
  5. Peter Pierro
  6. Michael Basque


Back row: (L-R): Councillor Michael Basque, Councillor Francis Pierro, Councillor Tommy Peck, Councillor Peter Pierro.
Front row: (L-R): Councillor Kim Denny, Chief Norman Bernard, Councillor Angela Pierro.

Newly elected in the summer of 2010 is Chief Norman Bernard and he currently has a six (6) person Council that help to make decisions to assist senior staff in maintaining daily operations. There is approximately 210 full and part time staff in the community throughout the calendar year (including summer students).

The Wagmatcook Chief & Council have taken a proactive approach to including more people as part of the decision making process by establishing both an Elders Council and a Youth Council as well as expanding their existing communications network by establishing a more community based website inclusive of up to date information on everything from recent band council meeting minutes and by-laws to treaties and other related and important agreements such as the Indian Act.