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Darren Julien | 2010
Darren Julien | 2010

The Wagmatcook Chief & Council have graciously supported the Elders Council by recently establishing an Elder Centre (at the new Fisheries Building Main Meeting Area) where all of their gatherings are now taking place.

The Elders Council represents a number of families in the community and meets on a regular basis every two weeks to help provide guidance to the Chief & Council as well as provide an opportunity to connect to the youth of the community. Their positive influence has really helped to provide a guiding light for the community through their generosity and willingness to give back their wisdom and knowledge for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Elder Council Members include:

  1. Josephine Peck
  2. Anna K. Pierro
  3. Molly Pierro
  4. Martha Isadore
  5. Nancy Bernard
  6. Edward Francis
  7. Francis Joe Francis
  8. Fr. Robert MacNeil
Wagmatcook Elders Council