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Darren Julien | 2010
Darren Julien | 2010

The Wagmatcook Youth Council was another very important initiative that was supported through the school system initially with the establishment of a Student Council and then expanded in 2010 into a fully-fledged Youth Council for the entire community.

Youth from different grades are asked to volunteer their time to act both as student council leaders but also community youth mentors as part of the new Wagmatcook Youth Council. Currently there are nine (9) students that act as volunteer members of the Youth Council.

They work hard to promote positive mentorship opportunities within the student body and the greater community but also take it seriously by signing up for youth mentorship training programs that enable them to be more responsible and organized leaders. Over the past few years these young individuals comprised of male and female students work to open new doors for the future of youth in the community.

Recently the Wagmatcook Chief & Council have gone one step further to open up the very first Wagmatcook Youth Centre that is currently housed at the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre. This initiative came about when the leadership asked the youth about what they would like to see in the community the most and with the request for a new youth centre the leadership went to work to make it happen.

This new youth centre boasts a new set of computers for students to use to help them with their homework or just to hang out and have fun. They also have a pool table, games and a big screen TV to watch their favorite shows. Different time slots are established for the youth and weekends are open to help them with using up some spare time with their friends.

Student Council volunteers currently give up their time to assist in monitoring the Youth Centre that is open daily.

Wagmatcook Youth Council