Traditional Mawiomi

A number of families in the community of Wagmatcook have really worked hard to embrace and promote a movement towards the reconnection to our traditional and spiritual ways and gatherings such as the Wagmatcook Pow Wow have taken place here as it has been for the past twenty years. A resurgence of the traditional dancing, drumming and singing have been rekindled and embraced especially by local traditional performers such as Sylvia Googoo (who recently left this world on March 13, 2011) as well as current traditional performers such as Pauline Isadore and the very well know drum group, the Indian Bay Drummers and lead drummer Francis (Chisholm) Pierro. The youth of Wagmatcook have also taken a real interest in taking the next step to carry the torch with young local performers entering the field in recent years such as Evan Googoo, Ryan & CJ Googoo, Jerome Googoo and some female dancers such as Stacy Googoo and Cassandra Paul.

Yearly events used to take place quite regularly until recently but with a renewed interest in 2012 the traditional volunteers brought together a tremendous event in Wagmatcook in the fall of 2012 with over 500 people participating daily (see photos).

As many cultures struggle with keeping traditional songs, language and dances alive, the Mi’kmaw people are facing their own challenges as well. However, with many families and individuals still very keen and interested in bringing back and keep our cultural roots alive events such as our traditional mawiomi or “gatherings” remain very important to hold each year.

This gathering brings together families from all across Mi’kmawki with drum and dance competitions, traditional foods, storytelling and sharing memories of exceptional traditional people that have made a difference in people’s lives. These events take place across the “Pow Wow Trail” each summer where communities from all over the Atlantic Region and across Canada host traditional gatherings to honor and celebrate their culture, proudly, as we do as the first people of this land, the Mi’kmaw people.

We invite you to come and join us and share in the teachings, in the dances and in our songs and learn about our people. Events are always free to attend and are welcome to all that are interested to come and learn and feel free to bring your friends!