Elementary-Secondary Education (Wagmatcookewey School)

The excitement and anticipation of the construction of the new school made our 2012-2013 academic school year one of the best years Wagmatcook has ever seen. Everyday there was talk of a cafeteria in the school, an elder’s room, new furniture, big windows, a showcase with double glass, smart boards in every classroom, a medicine garden, a flower patch, seating everywhere and many more wishes and dreams that came a reality when the move was made in mid-April. Come to find out in spring….dreams do come true.

Student council and the elder’s council continued to work together all year to support the education programs in the school. Both groups also did amazing volunteering all year.

We had the privilege of hosting traditional elders Frank and Josey Augustine. Students learned about the pipe ceremony, the value of our sacred teachings and many received their traditional names.

Students in grades 7 to 9 created a new “Bullying Policy” for our school. Much research went into this project and a lot of interviews were done to make it fair. The policy was approved by Chief and Council and became into full effect in January of 2013.

Students and staff continued to learn the power of the circle and the gifts handed down by our cultural traditions. Finding balance in spirituality is work in progress. Introducing faith was the main objective to having a healthy spirit.

The Business Network for Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program continued to be a success with several of our students interested in continuing their education in business after high school. We had 7 active participants this year.

As a school landscape, as educators, we try our very best to offer students different options on how to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. Every school is unique in the paths they choose.

Wagmatcookewey School continues to learn from the FNSSP team, Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey, the elders, the parents, the leaders, agencies like the RCMP and Victoria County Physical Active Strategy, youth council, and many more.

Thank you to MK’s commitment and to the leaders of Wagmatcook for making this a reality. In partnership, anything is possible.

Communication and teamwork will get us everywhere.


This was the message delivered by Chief Norman Bernard at the grand opening.

Wagmatcookewey School
Wagmatcookewey School