Public Works & Capital Services

As with most First Nations in Canada, the Wagmatcook First Nation is responsible for the maintenance, repair and renewal of community infrastructure, including roads, snow removal, water distribution and sewage disposal. They also undertake capital projects as funding permits and housing construction and repair. The band administration also provides garbage collection for community members. The Public Works department also provides support services to a variety of public buildings such as the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre, the Wagmatcook Gas Bar as well as the Health Centre, Daycare and Wagmatcookewey Schools (new and old) and the Band Administration Building to name a few key ones.

The Public Works Department’s function is vital to the health, safety, and well-being of First Nations communities and it’s people. It directly impacts many other community aspects, such as standard of living, land use planning, economic and sustainable development, resource development, and environmental protection. Many First Nations across Canada have important decisions to make regarding the way that public works are addressed in their communities including Wagmatcook First Nation.

Public works consist of the public facilities and infrastructure, services, and support systems required by a community.

The following is a list of technical areas that typically fall within the public works function:

  • water and wastewater management;
  • roads, bridges, and public transportation systems;
  • solid waste management;
  • buildings, parks, and cemeteries;
  • land use planning and land management; and
  • fire protection.

Effective administration of public works ensures that all components are working together in a way that is practical and cost effective.

The following activities are involved in the delivery of these services:

  • capital works projects, involving the construction of new facilities or major upgrades to existing facilities. (These require a working knowledge of needs and cost forecasting, planning, project management, design, contract administration, and construction practices;)
  • operation and maintenance of existing facilities;
  • development and enforcement of standards, regulations, and policies; and
  • management and administration of human and financial resources, records and documents, liability issues, insurance and risk management, etc.

Some of the key aspects that govern the quality services that the Wagmatcook First Nation aims to achieve in the area of Public Works & Capital Services:

  • Provide strategic information to the leadership;
  • Provide services that respect social responsibility;
  • Work to achieve sustainability and environmental protection;
  • Involve community in long term community planning;
  • Provide fiscal and social accountability;
  • Deliver cost accounting and recovery;
  • Enhance and protect existing services, facilities, and equipment;
  • Manage risk management;
  • Develop organizational structure;
  • Expand and identify delivery options and approaches;
  • Create new and updated policies, procedures, and regulations;
  • Support the development of current and future human resource needs;
  • Support the development of enhanced skills, certification, and training;
  • Provide and support workplace health and safety;
  • Identify and support services that address asset protection;
  • Provide a measure for record keeping; and
  • Ensure fire protection and emergency response services are ready and able.

For more information please contact:

Richard Pierro
Director of Public Works for Wagmatcook
(902) 295-2598
Office Hours: Monday to Friday (9am-4pm)